Moonshine Agency Online Store

Welcome to the Moonshine Agency online store!

Here you will be able to purchase Films, DVDs and Digital Downloads produced by Moonshine Agency on all major Credit Cards, PayPal and by Electronic Funds Transfer.

The mission of Moonshine Agency is to create quality films that move audiences to action.  Many of our titles focus on important social issues.  As a result we choose to self-distribute many of these titles to ensure they reach the broadest possible audience as well as working with third-party distributers and television networks around the world.

You may notice that some of our titles offer multiple options depending on whether you are a member of the general public, or purchasing a product for a library or university etc.  We adopt a tiered pricing system that supports the sustainable ongoing production of these important impact films projects.

With some titles you may find an option to buy a DVD and give one to an activist working in a low-resource setting.  This is part of our commitment to accessible distribution across the world.

By purchasing from this online store and using the tiered pricing system you are supporting the independent production of screen content that advocates for social change both today and in the future.

Thank you for your interest and support in the work of Moonshine Agency.

Happy shopping!