About Moonshine Movies

Moonshine Movies is  a multi-award winning independent film production company specializing in creating moving picture projects of all forms that move audiences to action.

With their unique visceral power, movies have the capacity to harness the mind and spirit unlike any other medium.  This power combined with ever-increasing interconnectivity empowers us to go beyond the didactic and embrace audience engagement, participation and interactivity.

This is why Moonshine Movies exists – to move audiences to action.

Moonshine Movies past and present productions have been released theatrically, broadcast on TV worldwide and distributed in other innovative ways including hosted public screenings, interactive DVDs and mobile Apps, as well as through video-on-demand services like the iTunes and NetFlix.

Our team has extensive experience working with A-list talent, celebrities, professional actors, presenters, experts and personalities in a variety of fields.  Moonshine Movies productions have been supported by dozens of private investors, collaborated with broadcasters around the world and worked closely with Australian film agencies including Screen Australia, Screen Tasmania and Film Victoria.