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Join the Movement for Better End-of-Life Care, for every Australian

Discover Live the Life You Please, a groundbreaking new feature documentary that dives deep into the realities of living and dying in Australia.

Produced by multi-award-winning filmmakers, this film is a treasure trove of heartwarming and poignant stories from across the country; from bustling cities and regional centres, to the most remote communities. 

Told by medical professionals, patients and their families, it is an intimate portrait of the end-of-life experience that makes profound observations about life, death and what happens in between.This film highlights stories from people of all ages, various stages of disease, and different cultural, socio-economic, and personal backgrounds.

Live the Life You Please will make you smile, laugh, laugh harder, and occasionally shed a tear as it shares the last chapters of a diverse range of Australians.

Why This Film Matters

Live the Life You Please makes a compelling case for the profound impact of quality end-of-life services. It underscores the necessity of palliative care, aged care, community care, allied health services, and support for home carers. This film also champions cultural safety, healthy conversations about death and dying, and the importance of advanced care planning.

Host a Screening and Make a Difference

By hosting a screening, you can:

  • Raise funds for your cause or organisation
  • Engage your network.
  • Amplify the voices of participants
  • Advocate for much-needed change

This film is a powerful centrepiece for National Palliative Care Week events, Grand Rounds at Hospital, Formal Education, and more. The documentary also lends itself to other topical days and events as well, as the participants in this film are living with a variety of conditions; such as Dementia, MND, Lung Disease, various Cancers (Breast, Bowel, Brain, Lung, Skin, Childhood), Parkinson's, Old Age, and Rare Diseases.

Overarchingly, Live the Life You Please makes the compelling case for universal access to excellent end-of-life care, for all Australians.

Be Part of this Remarkable Story

Host a screening of Live the Life You Please, and contribute to a national conversation about end-of-life care.

The perpetual license allows you to screen the film as many times as you like within your organisation. Please note that the film is not to be shared, published, or distributed outside of your organisation.

We humbly request a screening fee to support the sustainability of this unique campaign. Your financial contribution enables us to supply access to the film mastered in a format best suited to your event and the human resources required to support you in making your event as successful as possible.

The screening fee and any other event costs can be recouped through the sale of affordable tickets (we can help you set this up on Eventbrite if needed); or donations at the door.

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