$19.95 AUD

Special Edition Sci-Fi Short Film on DVD.

Imagine if extra-terrestrial life rocked up to the moon – our moon goddammit – with absolutely no regard for us humans whatsoever. What would we do? How would the world respond?

OURS is a science fiction comedy about power, possession, our place in the universe and chip-eating aliens.

When a pair of aliens rock up to the moon on the flaming remnants of Halley’s comet, the Leader of the Free World must respond to the threat of extra-terrestrials landing on the moon or run the risk of becoming a lame duck President.

Meanwhile, the humans of Earth are compelled to ask themselves some tough questions. What is our place in the universe? Does the moon actually belong to us? And when it comes to crass, flatulent, over-sized sentient beings, how are we to respond?

Exploring themes of power, possession and predestination, OURS is a laugh out loud romp that will keep you on the edge of your seat through to its explosion conclusion.

In the spirit of its story, the production itself was a hypothetical what if…

What if you could use emerging technologies to make a BIG-looking film on a short film budget?

Shooting on high-definition RED format in a green screen studio and creating visual effects with Adobe’s Creative Suite helped the cause. But did we succeed… hmmm… you be the judge!

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